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At Innova1st we help clients in Spain and the rest of the world discover the best ways to transform their companies through innovation, agility, cutting-edge techniques and constant mentoring and consulting programs.
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We excel at achieving the unthinkable in record time, from building an unstoppable team to re-designing the organization’s structure or finding the best ways of balanced growth when processes become overly complex. We use Lean, Agile, Design Thinking, Kanban, social engineering and unique and innovative techniques to achieve a difference. Innova1st is the only consulting firm to provide services that cover the entire spectrum of the company, from business discovery to change in organizational behaviors or Scrum.

We have helped companies, consultants and startups in Europe, Latin America and Oceania and actively collaborate with the most important events of innovation and business agility in the world.

We achieve the impossible transformation, the highest collaboration and trust so that our clients can learn to master change and establish a remarkable and unique company.
We have a clear vision and mission and we only work with teams and people who are ambitious, have a clear sense of urgency and are prepared to take up the challenge.

It does not matter if you have a Fortune 100 company or a Startup; the question is no longer to adapt to being digital but to have the structures, leadership style and knowledge needed to cope with change, uncertainty and market disruptions. We have 4 models of mentoring and consulting and we travel to our clients anywhere in the world:



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Do you need ideas to help you lead your business but do not know where to start? Do you want to know more about organizational transformations and how they work? Is your company growing and becoming more and more complicated in terms of processes and escalation? Tired of hearing  “Agile”, “Lean”, “SixSigma”?
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Do you wonder how to fit the management role with the team in the new companies and how to do the needed changes? Do you want to know how to create an agile culture that removes those difficult obstacles?
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 Have you been entrusted the business transformation to create an organization of excellence? Do you want to learn how to stop doing mechanical things, start innovate and change the direction of your company? Would you like to challenge your environment and beliefs with innovative and proven techniques?
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Would you like to gain more autonomy and help those around you to apply effective techniques to effectively resolve organizational blockages? Would you want to get a clear alignment between your values and the work you do?
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We use a mix of consulting, training, facilitation and mentoring to bring knowledge into practice. We put people first, then products and finally processes.

We know that transforming a company to be more Agile requires the appropriate mindset and behaviors and therefore we work on strategies that adopt both simultaneously. We can help you from an initial change to the total transformation of your organization. We know it is difficult, but we will support you side by side in every step you take.

    • We are professional, experienced, consistent, flexible and reliable.
    • We are receptive in our interactions and responsible in our actions.

We specialize in maximizing return on investment while minimizing risk by employing state-of-the-art techniques that will help achieve a successful and self-sufficient business agility implementation in record time.

We have worked with clients from the financial, defense, telecommunications, banking, aeronautics and global distribution software sectors and we have the knowledge that allows us to customize learning and translate it into sustainable changes with lasting realities. These are some of the companies we have helped:

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If you are having problems with the discovery of business value, alignment and coordination of team work or scaling, innovation, implementation of Scrum or Agile, improvement of code quality or establishment of new business guidelines to empower your organization, contact us by email or LiveChat for a free consultation.





  •  Agiles Argentina, 2nd November 2018, Córdoba. Keynote: “The time has come, it’s time for Enterprise Agility
  • Agile Practitioners Group California, 3 Octubre 2018, “Know the secret ingredients to create powerful change plans.
  • AgileCamp Northwest, 14th September 2018, Nike Headquarters Portland, USA, (“Go Beyond Agile & Scrum to run even better Transformation Plans”)
  • Bay area Agile Leadership Network (San Francisco, USA), 12 September 2018, Learn to accelerate your Agile transformation.
  • DNA’s meetup, 31st July, Dublin, Ireland (“Business Agility”).
  • AgileDay Latvia, 19th and 20th July, Radisson Blu Daugava, Riga (“Reframe your existing Agile change plans to be implemented everywhere in the company“).
  • Workshop in Austria, 2nd July 2018, Vienna, BearingPoint, hosted by the Vienna Scrum Meetup at weXelerate (“Company transformations that go beyond Agile&Scrum”)
  • Webinar for Discuss Agile user group in India, 28 June 2018 (“Create transformation plans that go beyond Agile and Scrum”). You can watch the recording here
  • Event in PMI Madrid, 18th June, Change Leadership
  • Event in Agile Canary Islands, 29th May, Changing your company in record time
  • Agile Austria conference 17th and 18th May –  Build exponential companies using Enterprise Social Systems
  • PMI Madrid (Spain) 30th April – Enterprise Social Systems
  • Regional Scrum Gathering (Canada) 26th and 27th April 2018 – Build exponential companies with Enterprise Social Systems workshop
  • 1st December ScrumDay Malta – 4 ways to implement Scrum
  • Workshop about Enterprise Social Systems in Santiago de Chile, information coming soon… (a full day of ESS!)
  • Scrumday Portugal Keynote and Workshop about Enterprise Social Systems, 3rd October 2017, Portugal (5 hours workshop)
  • Workshop about Enterprise Social Systems in Madrid, Saturday 9th September , Grupo de Usuarios Madridagil, Madrid, Spain (4 hours)
  • Agile Open Segovia Spain July 23 and 24, 2017 – Applying Enterprise Social Systems (90 minutes)
  • ScrumDay Europe, Amsterdam, July 6, 2017 – Get fresh ideas with Enterprise Social Systems to build an unstoppable organization (50 minutes)
  • Agile Austria, 27-30 June 2017 – Break the mold and boost your organization with Enterprise Social Systems! (90 minutes)
  • PMI Castilla y León Spain June 22nd – Seminar on organizational changes and Agile (90 minutes)
  • Global Scrum Gathering India 2016, 27-28th June 2016. We presented  “Successful Social Designs For Agile And Digital I.T. Companies”
  • ScrumDay Chile (second edition), 2nd November 2015, We presented  “Creating remarkable organizations!”
  • We organized the 1st ScrumDay in Santiago de Chile, 8th  August 2015 and we also presented there. At the end of the event, we donated all the gatherings for charity!
  • We organized the  1st ScrumDay in Valencia (Spain), 17th April  2015. At the end of the event, we donated all the gatherings for charity!
  • ScrumDay Oviedo, 13th December  2014,  We presented a 60 minutes presentation called “Scrum Sucks!”

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