Some events during 2017 with Erich Bühler in Austria (Agile Austria), Amsterdam (ScrumDay Europe), Malta (ScrumDay Europe), Madrid and many workshops, including E. Bühler and Steve Denning.


AgileDay 2018, Riga, Latvia


Vienna Meetup 2018, Austria


Agile Austria Conference 2018, Graz, Austria


Scrum Gathering, Canada 2018



PMI Group, Madrid 2018, Spain


ScrumDay Malta, December 2017


Jeff Patton and Erich Bühler @ New Zealand, Helping with the Passionate Product Owner Courser (Dec 2016)


eyl.jpegDiana Larsen and Erich Bühler @ Seattle, Agile Northwest (Feb 2016)


Other Courses and events