Exercise 2 – Enterprise Agility Techniques Workshop

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Reframing (perceptual position technique)

You will learn how to embrace other’s people frames.

A frame is a perspective and group of values.

The more frames you are able to temporarily embrace, the more you will increase your mental agility.


The exercise is 20 minutes in total. As consultants, you need discuss the problem and try to come up with 1 or 2 suggestions to help resolve the problem.

Step 1

For 5 minutes, the whole team will embrace (values and perspectives) the first frame of “A very traditional person” (see table below) and will try to find a solution to the problem a company is facing.

PROBLEM: A group of people from the financial department that never worked together, now the company needs them to work as a team but they resist.

Pay particular attention to what you feel and how you feel as an individual when you embrace a different frame.

Keep in mind that the whole team will convert into the same type of consultant and will embrace the same values for 5 minutes

Step 2

After 5 minutes, you will change to the second frame, a Hippy, and embrace (values and perspectives) this frame when exploring possible solutions for the same problem. Remember the whole team will be embrace the values of a hippy.

Step 3

For the follwing 5 minutes, the team will select one of the other frames (see table below) and embrace the values and perspectives of this person when trying to find a solution to the problem.

The duration for the dynamic is 20 minutes.