ELSA and DeLTA change frameworks research

We are looking for 100 to 120 organizational coaches who reside in the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom with at least 8 years of experience as business consultants or experience in change.

We will be doing a research on the ELSA and DeLTA change frameworks and will provide the necessary documents and support.

ELSA (Event, Language, Structures, Agency) is a change framework that allows leaders of an initiative to amplify their message, helping the transformation become exponential. It allows people who are about to change to take ownership of new ideas to accelerate change and thereby support the transformation in becoming exponential. ELSA requires a sponsor and it also requires the leaders of the organization to support the initiative.

DeLTA (Double Loop for Transforming & Accelerating) is a change framework that allows anyone in the company to implement a change initiative that can become contagious. It’s designed for situations in which the leaders of the company are not yet committed to the new plan or for situations when there is no sponsor.

As part of the research, you will receive:

1. One free physical copy of Leading Exponential Change 2nd. edition

2. An evaluation form to be using during the first 30 days

3. Support with the implementation of any of the two change frameworks

4. An evaluation form to be used after 90 days

In addition to receiving a free copy of Leading Exponential Change 2nd edition, $ 500 will be raffled off among participants.

The research will require the use of the ELSA or DeLTA change frameworks in the company or in a specific department within 90 days of accepting the conditions.

It is estimated that the whole process will take around 100 days, with a weekly load of 2 hours.

If you are interested, please contact Ruth Williams at info@Innova1st.com