My thoughts about evolutive training in modern companies

The cognitive domain (knowledge) has always been the focus of traditional education.

The consequence is that we have transferred it to companies as the way we should teach or learn in there.

We generally believe that the main reason for providing training in organizations is for people to have or “store” more knowledge.

However, this idea is incomplete and meaningless today for most companies.

Any model or framework used to teach people must focus on giving them the tools to evolve what they have learned and not just to learn to improve it.

And it is here that the difference between improving and evolving must be noted. Improvement takes the learner always in the same direction, while evolution may propose a different path.

If a company wants to take this step, it should consider the following 5 experiences as part of its internal education:

1. cognitive

2. sensory

3. emotional

4. relationship with organizational health (how the knowledge acquired will help improve the health of the organization)

5. Reflective (provide the space during the course to reflect on and evolve or its content at any time)

These 5 experiences are crucial for any training (course, workshop, etc.) in the modern company and needed to build an evolving and responsive organization.

My recommendation is that –as a consultant– you analyze how courses are taught and see if the 5 experiences are covered in a balanced way.

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