Leading Exponential Change Business Tour in Asia, Spain, and Latin America

In the coming weeks I will be starting the Leading Exponential Change Company’s Tour, visiting organizations from various regions of the world.

The idea is to talk for 1 hour about how you implement Scrum and embrace agility in your company, and at the end of our talk, I give you a copy of my book Leading Exponential Change 2nd edition.

These are the dates and places where I will be doing the tour:

8-10 November (Thailand)

13-16 November (Singapore)

21-26 November (Barcelona and Valencia). I’m sorry I can’t be in Madrid due to lack of time.

27-05 December (Hong Kong)

15 Dec to 15 January (Argentina and Uruguay, to be confirmed)

Please write me on Twitter or Linkedin if you want me to visit you, as I have limited availability.

Thanks for listening,

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