Enterprise Social Systems explained & coming trainings

If you are in Latin America or Europe, you can come to any of our Enterprise Social Systems’ workshops to be held soon.

As you probably know, Enterprise Social Systems (ESS) gives a fresh start to how to accelerate business transformations by using a solid theory, tools and contagious organizational change framework.

Unlike classical theories which focus on seeing the company as interactions between machines and human beings, or the neo-classical theories that focus on mechanical and physiological variables, ESS focuses on 4 interdependent fixed areas (Social System, Mentality, Formal organization and creation of value) with a strong focus on value streams.

Its main hypothesis is that business value is a key element and that to have a positive impact on the creation of business value and increase of profits, you need to increase the relevant information flows, learning, how work is made visible and how their workflows and complexity are managed.

Tell me more about Enterprise Social Systems!
ESS is a theory, a set of tools and 2 organizational change frameworks (ELSA and DELTA) that allow to speed up 2x or more a transformation and modernization of any company, be it digital or conventional. While DELTA change framework focuses on accelerating change when leadership is not supporting the transformation, ELSA focuses on speeding up change when they are fully involved.

What are their benefits?
ESS is not intrusive, allowing people in the company to feel comfortable at using it, regardless of the methodology, mindset, size or structures existing in the organization.

ESS helps a change become viral and creates innovative plans and ways of working to improve the company in record time.

Will it be useful for me?
The seminar is aim to help managers, Scrum Masters, human resources people, consultants, or any other person who is or is going to be involved with a change or transformation in a company.

The event will allow participants to learn about Enterprise Social Systems as well as the different types of transformation and techniques to accelerate change and thus make it become viral.

Tell me more about the previous knowledge I need…
This workshop does not require prior knowledge of Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Lean or any other mindset or framework.

As you will be practicing with real scenarios from your own company, it is useful if you have been exposed to change plans in you organization.

These are some of the events we will be running in the coming 2 months

Chile, October 26

More information at Scrumday.cl/ess


Lisbon (Portugal), 3rd October. This workshop will be held in English.




Madrid (Spain) on 9th September.

Road2BAOS: Taller Enterprise Social Systems

Saturday, Sep 9, 2017, 10:30 AM

“Se Aceptan Ideas”
C/Gutierre de Cetina 24 Madrid, ES

70 agilistas Went

Como parte de los eventos de preparación de BAOS 2017, os traemos un entrante rico rico. Muy generosamente, Erich Bülher nos ofrece desarrollar su taller de Enterprise Social Systems totalmente gratis para fans de BAOS. ¡Aquí os dejamos la descripción!TallerEn los mercados actuales, las empresas buscan soluciones para adaptarse rápidamente a las …

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