Leading Exponential Change

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Do you take seriously the  change initiatives in your company?

ebuhler-exponential-3D-book-promo-img (1).pngLearn more about the first book specifically designed to learn more about change in times of Agility and exponential organizations.

If you are an Agile Consultant, Scrum Master, Agile coach, or someone trying to change the company, you are in the right place.

  • Field stories and proven techniques to deal with resistance to change
  • Neuroscience and psychological concepts that help deliver Agile/Lean business transformation to create truly adaptable organizations
  • Recommendations on how to frame and solve problems – whether they are complex or complicated
  • Insight into why business transformations follow different rules in highly volatile environments
  • Effective techniques to challenge teams with low levels of motivation
  • Five key patterns to accelerate the transformation of your company
  • Effective ways to prepare your organization for exponential growth

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